Pricey phone … So you’ve probably heard that the iPhone X [iPhone 10] was announced yesterday and that pre-order will be available at the end of October. You probably also heard that the new phone comes with a bunch of new features … and a hefty pricetag – starting at $999. Maybe it’s the high price, but according to a SurveyMonkey poll, there isn’t much interest in the new iPhones. Just 10% said they were "extremely interested", 11% said they were "very interested" and 17% said they were "somewhat interested." On the flip side, 35% said they "weren’t interested at all." (USA Today, Business Insider


I’m not sexist, but … On Monday night, Beth Mowins made history when she became the first woman to announce a Monday Night Football game. Not only did she announce, but she did the play-by-play for the Chargers-Broncos game. Naturally, her presence was met with a hefty amount of sexist backlash on Twitter, with men losing their minds over the fact that a woman was calling an NFL game. Apparently some guys are really threatened by a woman who knows more about sports than they do. (Seventeen)


Is being happy all the time the best way to live? Maybe not. According to a new study, being truly happy means you need to embrace that there are going to be some pretty sad times in your life as well. Turns out if you are actually happy ALL the time, you can never fully experience true happiness. It’s kind of like not missing the sun until it rains. Researchers stress that it’s not about living a life without joy. We should all strive to be happy as often as possible, but in order to handle the hard times, it’s important to expect that they will come. If we are prepared for sadness, it’s easier to find joy again. (You Beauty


Hate cleaning? Here’s something that could motivate you to get those chores done. Researchers found that doing two hours of intense cleaning can burn about 600 calories. You only burn about half that running a 5K! Researchers used fitness trackers on participants to determine the intensity and calorie count of each task. Here’s how you can clean your way fit:

  • Vacuuming for 20 minutes = 80 calories
  • Cleaning the bathroom for 20 minutes = 100 calories
  • Mopping for 20 minutes = 107 calories
  • Cleaning windows for 20 minutes = 115 calories
  • Dusting for 40 minutes = 194 calories (Daily Mail)