Tim McGraw Releases Spanish Translation of 'Humble and Kind'


Tim McGraw is putting his money where his message is. 

The country superstar has always described his 2016 hit “Humble and Kind” as a universal message, and with the new release of the song’s Spanish translation, he’s proving just how universal the song is. 

The purpose of “Nunca Te Olvides De Amar,” Tim says, is to “reach out and touch someone in a language that’s not [his] own.” 

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“It’s one thing to say ‘I’m being universal’ and it’s another thing for me to try to reach out across a language barrier and put in the effort to deliver that same message,” he tells Billboard. “To make someone understand that you’re trying to love them through a song and work to make people feel it is a pretty cool thing.” 

“Nunca Te Olvides De Amar” means “Never Forget to Love,” as Tim describes “the song doesn’t translate exactly word for word” in Spanish. 

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“In songwriting, language has to rhyme and fit into the phrasing of the melody,” he says. "But [singer/songwriter] Claudia Brant did an incredible job of translating the sentiment and heart of ’Humble and Kind’ into ’Nunca Te Olvides de Amar.’” 

Watch the official video above. 


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