Steakhouse Offering 200oz Steak Challenge

f you love steak, Cattlemans Steakhouse has the perfect meal for you and will reward you if you can manage to lick your plate clean. The meal consists of 200-ounces of steak, and sides of garlic bread, fries, onion rings, mushrooms, tomatoes, and coleslaw. It costs $250 and is meant to be shared by four people. 

If your group can finish the meal in under one hour, you eat for free, but if it takes you more than an hour to clean your plate they will give you 20% off of the final bill. Finishing the meal will also earn you and your friends a spot on the restaurant's wall of fame. 

A spokesman for the restaurant said they wanted to try to do something fun for their customers.

"Challenges seem to be all the rage, and we wanted to bring a bit of fun to the restaurant," said a spokesperson for Cattlemans.

"We don't get people doing it every night, but we've had a few."

Ten groups have attempted the challenge, but only two have succeeded. The steakhouse also offers a 100-ounce steak challenge meant for a single person, which has only been completed once.

The spokesman said he believes the challenge is possible but admitted he could not eat that much steak.

"The 200-ounce challenge is very doable," said the spokesperson before admitting, "I've not tried it; I could never eat that amount of steak."

Photo: Facebook


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