6 Things Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You About You

The stars are full of mysteries, but they also have more than a few answers - if you're asking the right questions...

What Kind Of Dog You Are

We all know that dogs are pretty much the purest souls on the planets.

Each breed has its particular quirks and characteristics that make it the special little creature we know and love. Just like people, pups have their own funny little traits.

Although we're all individuals, just like the zodiac - each breed has a particular set of qualities that makes it identifiable from the rest. If you were a pup instead of a person, what does your zodiac predict you would be?

Aquarius: West Highland Terrier

Social to the core, the Westie doesn't sit around waiting for things to happen. Like the Aquarius, they are playful, outgoing and always up for a game. They're very intelligent and curious dogs with a strong streak of fearlessness that is respected by other dogs big and small.

Pisces: Pug

Distinguished, yet dorky. Like the Pisces, these pups are capable of being sturdy and stable while being perfectly playful and clownish.  

Aries: German Shepherd

Just like the Aries, these pups get into trouble if they're bored or inactive for too long. They desperately need exercise to stimulate their bodies and their minds!

Taurus: St. Bernard

Sociable and loving, these pups are calm, patient and gentle - just like the Taurus. Also like their zodiac namesake, they can be petulant and stubborn when they don't get what they want!

Gemini: Weimaraner

Like the busy Gemini mind, these high energy, highly intelligent dogs can become quite hyperactive and destructive if there's nothing to occupy their minds!

Cancer: Labrador Retriever

Similar to those born under the sign of Cancer, these sweet dogs are warm, intelligent cuddle monsters. They are playful, energetic and love to please.

Leo: Pit Bull

Like their Leo buddies, Pit Bulls sometimes get a bad rep. Contrary to the stigma surrounding their bully ways, these dogs actually LOVE being around people and thrive on being praised.

Virgo: Shiba Inu

These medium-sized dogs don't like to be grabbed or rough play, much like the Virgo, they will approach you on their own terms.  They are generally good-natured, although, strong-willed and intelligent pups.

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