Netflix Is Raising It's Prices!

The Netflix logo is pictured on September 15, 2014 in Paris. US online streaming giant Netflix will launch the second phase of its European expansion plan as it sets about seducing French viewers with a

Netflix is raising the price for its most popular U.S. video streaming plan by 10 percent, a change announced Thursday,  affects most of Netflix's 53 million U.S. subscribers.

Netflix will now charge $11 per month instead of $10 for a plan that includes HD and allows people to simultaneously watch programs on two different internet-connected devices.

The price for another plan that includes 4K video, is going up by 17 percent, to $14 from $12 a month.

A plan that limits subscribers to one screen at a time without high-definition will remain at $8 a month.

The increase would be the first in two years for Netflix, but Netflix temporarily froze its rates for long-time subscribers the last two times it raised its prices.

Netflix isn't giving anyone a break this time around. Starting on October 19th, subscribers will start getting emailing notifications about the new prices, giving them 30 days to accept the higher rates, switch to a cheaper plan or cancel the service.


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