Thoughts On United Airlines Situation From A Pilot's Wife

United Airlines is facing a PR nightmare and taking heat after forcing a passenger off an overbooked flight. The wife of an airline pilot shared her thoughts on the situation and tells the story from a different point of view.

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1) “You can’t just kick a paying customer off the plane!” Psssst! It’s in the fine print. They can, indeed, do just that.

2) “Kicking a paying customer off an airplane!? I’m taking my business to Southwest!” Ummmm, okay. But just be sure you understand that every major airline, Southwest included, has a similar policy for involuntary bumping in a ‘must ride’ scenario.

3: “So what’s this ‘must ride’ nonsense anyway? They shouldn’t bump a paying customer for a free employee ride!” I’m afraid you’re going to have to take this up with the federal government, not United.

4: “It’s the airline’s fault for not planning better!” There are about a million and one things that can cause a crew shortage  including but not limited to weather, maintenance, weather, connecting  fight delays, weather, FAA timeout regs, and did I mention weather?

5: "They shouldn’t have picked the minority Chinese doctor! It’s racist.” That’s  just silly. Though federal regulation demands they involuntarily bump  to prevent interruption of flights when necessary, each airline does have the leniency to determine how they choose the bumped passengers.

6: “United should go under for assaulting that passenger! Fire the entire crew!” Read the facts. United neeeever touched the passenger.

7: “You piece of **it!” I get that the passengers were upset, angry, maybe even confused. I get that you are  too. After all, media is tossing you out chunks of bloody meat like  you’re a pack of starving wolves. But I’m seriously disgusted that the  poor must ride crew that had to take those seats after the unfortunate mess that unraveled were verbally abused and threatened.




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